We already re-shape our world by creating every day. So why not do it consciously? And, while we do that, let’s make of it the best we can. Sing, write, dance, speak, draw, move, capture, practise – go and create something today. Inspired by Todd Henry’s Daily Creative Podcast on creating daily (very meta!) and this… Read More Create


Gratitude ABCs

On my way to ballet yesterday I was listening to Tim Ferris’ Podcast (which I heartily recommend, do check it out!) Yesterday’s Episode featured author AJ Jacobs, speaking about ways to be happier through gratitude. One of the excercises I found very interesting was to say ‘gratitude ABCs’ (ie. thinking up various things to be grateful… Read More Gratitude ABCs

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Moving for Charity – Bootcamp4Children

I would like to dedicate this blog post to Dance4Children and the amazing work they do, as well as to my learnings at D4Cs Bootcamp4Children weekend this July. What (and who?) is Dance4Children? D4C is my favourite charity team, founded by a group of gorgeous, brilliant and warm-hearted dancers from Belgium. Coralie, Lou, and Tamy… Read More Moving for Charity – Bootcamp4Children



Sincerity breeds quality. Quality needs authenticity. Authenticity means knowing your Self. Knowing your Self takes courage. Courage allows you to give…   Words to ponder for the coming week, and/or to experiment with and apply in movement and expression ?   These thoughts were inspired by this week’s episode of the Bruce Lee podcast (a… Read More Authenticity