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New Year – Super You

NEW YEAR – WHO DIS? Welcome!

Here’s a quick (re-)introduction for those of you new to this Blog (thank you for being here!)

  • Name: Kim (Khalida) Bech
  • Age: 42 (the magic numberrr)
  • Location: Born in Belgium, based in Germany (moved here for LOVE 💕)
  • Sign: Libra, Goat
  • Does: Teach Online BOOST

Loves: Dance, Movement, Learning, Teaching, Books, Trees, Nature Walks, Martial Arts, Mr E

Superpowers: Strong, creative, funny, kind, introverted, loves to read & write (a lot!), tenacious, smart.. and very modest

Bonus superpowers: Black belt in Korean Martial Arts. Can sleep very long. Can EAT.

IG Profiles: @khalidabech @fitwithkhalida @joyofmovementblog


Hello. How are YOU?

And YOU?

Tell me about yourself:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you from?
  • Where are you now?
  • What do you do?
  • What’s your sign?
  • What do you love?

And most importantly..

What are your Super Powers? 👀

2 thoughts on “New Year – Super You

  1. 42 ??? … 42 ??? – you look like you are in your 20’s… a testament to belly dance for keeping one youthful and glowing!

    I followed your ironing your fan-veil vid here . Watched some of your performance vids. Thoroughly enjoyed your graceful, demure style.

    Loving your generous tips and tricks /teachings … We need dancers like you, not afraid to value add and help keep our dance alive in these testing times.

    Hugs from Australia – belly dancer/ teacher for 30 years…
    Donna Topaz

    1. Thank you so much dear Donna!! I so appreciate your kind words, and I’m super happy you enjoy my videos and posts. And yes, it’s true. If we can keep on going for the love of it, hopefully it may inspire others to do the same as well. Sending you big hugs from Germany!

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