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Go for It

THE TIME IS NOW. Do you ever think (or feel) ‘I am too old (or: it’s too late) to start with… xyz ?’

Don’t believe that thought.

There is more learning potential in each of us.

We can change, evolve, grow.

Learn new skills.

Change our habits for the better.

Update how we view ourselves and the world.

Even as adults. Especially as adults.

  • I started working in IT at 21
  • I took on belly dance at 23
  • I started taking adult ballet classes at 27 (cross training!)
  • I began studying/performing/teaching bellydance full time at 32
  • I joined my first taekwondo class at 36
  • I started taking pointes classes at 37 (thanks to taekwondo 🙏🏻 I’ll share more on this later on)
  • I began studying korean sword art (haidong gumdo) at 39

And today, at almost 42, I am preparing for my second degree black belt test in TaeKwonDo

(UPDATE: we made it! Thank you for all the well wishes!)

A bit surreal, right?

I would have never known that this was possible without taking on that very first try-out class.

The lesson?

It’s never too late.

Take that class.

Read that book.

Sign up for that course.

Follow your interests.

Pursue whatever makes your heart beat faster.

Simply start.

Invest in yourself.

Life is short.

You may as well learn a thing (or two!) while you are here.

Right? Right.

It time/age/duration were not an issue, what would you love to learn/start/do right now?

Let me know in the comments below!

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