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Appreciation Reboot

APPRECIATION – what is one thing you appreciate more today than you did before this year?

For me there are a few.

Health, of course.

For ourselves and loved ones.

And for the world (not just the people)

Getting to spend time with our families πŸ’•

But also luxuries (like shelter, electricity, running/potable water!) that can become so very easy to take for granted.

Renewed Appreciation.

Until they are not.

The flood of 2021 was a reminder of how very lucky (and privileged) we really are to live where we live.

Knowing only this very moment is certain makes one appreciate good things even more.

How about you? Has the past year changed your appreciation of anything?

Please share below!

(Yes, I know, many posts and questions πŸ˜„ end of the year always makes me contemplate and reflect)

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