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Fan (Veil) Wrangling

A while ago, I wrote a blog post on working with Silk Fan Veils (one of my favorite belly dance fantasy/fusion props!) for ZeOT magazine.

One of the many movement arts where flexible fingers, adequate wrist mobility and grip strength come in hand(ha!)y.

I’ve just released a free(!) 50-minute Fan Veil FUN-damentals tutorial, so it feels like a good moment to re-share my favorite tips for working with this gorgeous silk prop.

The article covers:

  • tips for making the most out of your fan veil movements
  • how to break in new fans, and how to get them to flutter
  • how to care for them, transport them, cut them to size
  • how to tell your left fan from your right – without looking(!)
  • last but certainly not least: how to create your own fan veil combinations and free-flowing dances.

Check out the full article here!


Bonus Geekery:

Joy of Movement Q&A!

If you happen to have any questions related to any of the topics I blog about (ballet, belly dance, martial arts, books, flexibility, strength, journaling, podcasts, props, enjoying nature :)) Let me know!

I’d be happy to include answers in the blog, and/or post links to any related interesting articles I can find.

Until soon!

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We will work on Posture, Hands/Arms and Dancing with Silk Props <3

Picture by Die Elster



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