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The Martial Matrix

One of the unexpected side-effects of studying TaeKwonDo is that it has become nearly impossible to watch a Martial Arts scene in a film without shouting out the techniques that are being employed.

And.. judging them. Even when – or, perhaps, especially when – the movements are ones I am still very much struggling with myself.

It’s amazing how deeply we (Mr E and I) now enjoy re-watching (read: shouting at) any and all films with good fighting choreographies. Like the Matrix – which is being shown on the telly as we speak 🙂

The One has got some mean kicks.

We happen to have been practising the doliyo chagi (roundhouse kick) in class today. A ‘basic’ kicking technique, but oh so challenging to me.

PS: I bet both Neo and Agent Smith diligently practise their grip strength, too.

And you? What are your favourite Martial Arts-employing movie scenes?

And – perhaps a more pertinent question – how is what you are learning/studying shaping the way you perceive your environment?

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