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Back to Beginning

I have learned throughout the years that whenever I want to go deeper into practice, be it for dance, martial arts, strength or flexibility work, the solution isn’t really to go ‘harder’ in whatever I have been doing.

In contrast, it’s often much more useful and effective to take a (few) step(s) back, re-evaluate what’s going on, see (or feel) where I am really at, and then – most importantly – return to the beginning.

If you work on the foundations, everything changes.

In relation to this, I am currently writing a new blog post series about a flexibility course by Stacey Nemour for absolute beginners.

Even though I have been making lots of progress with the more advanced Dancer’s course during the past few months, my intuition has been telling me lately that it’s time for me to slow down for a moment, to take stock, to go deeper, and to dive below.

If you want to join me in my journey, keep an eye out for the following posts!

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