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Stacey Nemour’s Beginners Ultimate Flexibility Makeover Guide – Part 1

This is part 1 of a series on Stacey Nemours  fantastic Beginner’s Ultimate Flexibility Makeover Guide online course package.

Check out the full post series below:

Courses in the Beginner’s Bundle

Stacey’s Beginner’s Ultimate Flexibility Makeover Guide contains the following online courses:

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Course 1 –  Flexibility at any Age – Where Do I Start? Here!


  • Module 1: Introduction 4:53
  • Module 2: Before pictures 6:55
  • Module 3: Flexibility at any Age 20:07
  • Module 4: Going to the Floor (including after pictures) 1:00:40


All Levels


  • Some clear wall space
  • A sturdy table, counter or door handle
  • 2 Yoga blocks
  • A chair or step stool
  • Optional, but highly recommended: A Stacey stretching Strap (or 2 straps if you want to intensify the exercises)
  • A set of light or medium weights

Course type:

Private Coaching Session


Dylan (weight lifter/athlete)

What I like about it:

I like that this course starts from the very beginning, with plenty of time for working with slight alignment tweaks in each position, allowing the deeper stretches to gently yet profoundly do their work.

Stacey guides you through the exercises with great attention to detail, and her tips for using the breath and visualization for releasing body & mind are golden.

It contains a few slightly different, yet highly effective exercises which greatly complement the other courses in the bundle(s).

I was touched by the deep wisdom and kindness that shines through in Staceys guidance in this course.

It felt healing on a deeper, even emotional level.

What it does for me:

This session has quickly become one of my absolute favourites.

Whenever I feel I might need to slow down a bit for a moment, turn my attention inwards, release any tension, or just move my body in ways that feel healthy and healing, this is the course that I go to.

The course has a profoundly calming, healing effect – physically, mentally as well as emotionally.

Effects after a few sessions:

Even though the exercises in this course seem pretty simple on first sight, and are relatively easy to do, I found they were very powerful for realigning my body.

I could feel my right hip (the bit on the outside that tend to get sore if my practicing has been either very intense, or when I haven’t been moving much) start to release after just one session, even though it had felt pretty tight for a good while.

I’ve also been sleeping very well when I do this course in the evenings.

My favorite exercise(s):

I especially loved:

  • The weight-shifting variation of the hip/pelvis/calf stretch at the very beginning of the course.

If you have any questions about this specific course, or about the Beginners Ultimate Flexibility Makeover Guide in general, feel free to contact me via the comments below.

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Happy stretching!

Next up: Part 2 – Secrets of Splits and Flexibility

PS: If you have this course/DVD, too: Let me know what your favorite exercises are!

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