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Stacey Nemour’s Beginners Ultimate Flexibility Makeover Guide – Part 7

Note: Even though this post’s date is set to September 2019, I am just now (March 2020) getting around to finishing up the blog post series.

With the ongoing covid-19 situation, the past weeks have been increasingly strange and uncertain, and it has been harder to let go of bouts of anxiety.

This stretching series, and in particular the ‘Stretching for the least flexible people on the planet’ course – love that title – has been my mental and physical solace during the past few weeks.

A moment of self care to help me get back to the day.

I am very thankful for Staceys work, and I hope her courses can do the same for you, too.

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This is part 7 of a series on Stacey Nemours  fantastic Beginner’s Ultimate Flexibility Makeover Guide online course package.

Check out the full post series here:

Courses in the Beginner’s Bundle

Stacey’s Beginner’s Ultimate Flexibility Makeover Guide contains the following online courses:


Course 7 –  Stretching for the Least Flexible People on the Planet


  • Module 1: Introduction 4:53
  • Module 2: Main course video (including after pictures) 47:34


All Levels, even absolute beginners


  • Some clear wall space
  • A sturdy table, counter or door handle
  • A chair or step stool
  • A set of light or medium weights

Course type:

Streaming version of DVD


You 🙂

What I like about it:

I love that this is a slightly shorter session (about 45 minutes) but still very effective, and at the same time soothing for body and mind.

It can be done even in a very small space, with or without stretching straps, and it includes a lovely mini-meditation session at the end.

It can be used on it’s own, or as a gentle warmup before doing any of the more advanced stretching courses.

If you are new to Stacey’s system this is a great introduction to her system.

What it does for me:

As said at the start of this post, this session has provided a much needed gentle mode of self care for me – just enough to help me restore my energies and get back to the day.

Effects after a few sessions:

After each session I feel a bit more like ‘my self’ again.

It helps me bounce back and reconnect.

My favourite exercise(s):

I love the gentle oblique strengthening exercise halfway the class (I can feel it!), but my absolute favourite part has been this simple ‘recovery with chair’ position, as well as the mini-meditation at the end.

Next up – I’ll be starting on Stacey’s course bundle for Martial Artists next week.

Update to follow soon!

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