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Life of Milarepa

I adore this book.

I first stumbled upon it in the library of a Tibetan tea house in the heart of the Belgian(!) Ardennes. I decided to find a copy as soon as I got home.

The life of Milarepa

It tells the story of a troubled youth, who with the help of generous mentors found a way to redeem himself.

Through sheer power of will, intrinsic motivation and dedication to daily practice, he continually developed, and eventually became a spiritual inspiration to many.


2 thoughts on “Life of Milarepa

    1. Oh wow! What a small world this is. 🙂 I’ve only been there once, this was a few years ago, I was there for teaching a workshop and dancing at a show with live music (not in the tea house, but very nearby) I so loved it. They had a mini library in the Tibetan tea house and I was waiting for the room to be ready, so I took a bit of time. I wasn’t able to read much of the book in the end, but I liked the story so much that I bought it when I got home.

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