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7th Rheinland-Pfalz Cup HDGD

This September we had the honour to participate in the 7th Rheinland-Pfalz Cup Haidong Gumdo in Bad Kreuznach, DE

A fantastic weekend of Korean Sword Art, hosted and organized by Kampfkunstverein Cheong Do e.V. Bad Kreuznach

On Saturday there was a competition featuring special guests EUHDGD Headmaster Sang Hyun Han as well as Senior Grandmaster Seung-Eun Chae and EUHDGD Technical Director Chul-Kyung Lee

The disciplines practiced were:

On Sunday we were treated to a very interesting and informative seminar with Master Han, where we learned about:

  • The importance of physical and mental training
  • Practising and refining the basics
  • The philosophy behind the sword movements, forms and stances
  • The meaning of what, why and how we practice in Haidong Gumdo

A deeply enriching experience. We hope to be able to join again next year.


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