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Let’s Dance

So.. only a few weeks to go before this year’s ballet recital of Ballettschule Renoldi in Aachen, DE

This year I will be dancing in a few of the intermediated/advanced student group dances, including – some of these – on pointes.

A first for me.. dancing on stage en pointes at 40(!)

The dances – choreographed for us by Constanze and Giulia – will be to pieces from:

I still have some work to do 🙂

First of which, sewing new shoes! I’ve documented the last bout here.

Next to that, I will be working on strengthening and mobilizing my ankles and feet in the coming weeks, as well as working on my turnout.

I found a few great mini-follow-along tutorials for this (thank you, Lisa Maree!) on youtube:

Other than that:

  • practicing simple ballet basics! (tendus, pliés, relevés,..)
  • working on my flexibility (with a bit of help from Stacey :))
  • working on pointe basics (in class and at home)
  • and – of course – practicing the actual choreographies – at home, in my head, and at rehearsals in school.


What will you be working on this winter?

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