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Feels like a great day to take a moment to contemplate.. love.

Who and what do we love? Why?

What (and whom) in this life do we feel grateful for?

How can we share this?

How can we expand it?

What can we do to make this world, and all the beings in it – including ourselves(!) – feel just a bit more loved today?

Go do it.

Love more.

Be love.

Today and every day.

PS: One of the (many!) things I love, is supporting a good cause. This year (like the previous few) our team Dance4Children will support association Caméléon, who have created 2 shelters and education centers for abused girls and children in the Phillipines.

If you want to help, too, you can! 🙂 in many ways.

For instance, if you’re a dancer/mover, you can visit our Dance4Children online movement channel, where you can:

Next to that there is the possibility to:

  • Participate in one (or more!) of our upcoming D4C Events
  • Check out our ‘I want to help’ page for more options to support D4C
  • And last but not least: Help spread the love by sharing this post!

Follow Dance4Children’s adventures via:

Thank you! Merci!

Much love,

x K (and Team D4C!)

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