Books, Movement

Books and Life

Books have been my (nearly) life-long companions.

The ones I’ve read throughout my life have transported me, educated me, and in a way, still shape me into who I am today.

Books to me are a way to escape and to ground at the same time.

Since the moment I could read I was hooked.

From sagas, myths and legends, to astronomy, to the full illustrated marine biology encyclopedia. I devoured it all.

Later on, I discovered English prose, and poetry.

Then self-help books, tomes on ancient history, and easy cooking basics. Books on dreams, meditation, mysteries. Also, programming and math, for school.

Later still – to finally start learning German – even more books. Some of which (*cough* the full Harry Potter Series *cough*) I had already read in English.

After that came books on dance. Followed by books on anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, psychology, and injury recovery, as well as on habits, motivation, and health.

Also marketing, mastery, and martial arts.

Now.. of course, more books. Neatly stacked around me, waiting to be read.

Books on nature. Books on humans. Books on writing.

Books on life.

My book list shows my changing S(h)elf.

Do you feel the same?

Note: A special shout-out goes to Tim Ferriss, whose books, blog, and podcast have had – and still have – a profound impact on my life.

They’ve also pointed me to quite a few of the books above.

And to all the writers, doers and makers out there: Thank you.

Keep creating.

Your work truly makes a difference.

A list of the books from this picture (the ones  I’ve already blogged about – I will be adding the others soon)

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