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Emptying the Drawers

Emptying the drawers.

It is a kind of ritual I love to do in the darker winter days.

Drawers are a strange phenomenon.

For a whole year, or even longer.. things can go in, and disappear.

Out of sight.

But not quite out of mind.

Every time I pass by a drawer, or a cupboard, that has gotten cluttered.. I feel it.

Restless, quietly.

I can ignore it. For a while. Not forever.

Today was a day where the pull became too strong.

I emptied the drawer. And then another. And another.

I (re)discovered some treasures. Found them a place.

Said goodbye to the rest.

Not easy to do.

The reward is worth it.







And you?

Will you be emptying the drawers, too?

Sending you much love.


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