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Physicalizing Art

While I feel digital art really is it’s own kind of magic..

And even though I agree that things are just.. ‘things’..

I still love the idea of ‘physicalizing’ art.

Next to that, whenever a reason to do something feels ‘true’ to me, it can move me to action with the action itself being it’s reward.

Once I get going on something like that.. it’s hard to stop.

The photo shoot where this picture was taken was something like this.

The BOOST courses I am working on are something like this.

When I feel can be who I am, develop and/or grow and learn, do something that feels ‘right’ to me, and at the same contribute something positive.

Prize option Nr 1 for the first BOOST 2021 Enrollee - A beautiful tote bag
Prize option 1 for the fastest BOOST 2021 Enrollee – A beautiful tote bag

This is why I chose exactly this design.

The picture is from a collaboration (with die Elster), one that symbolizes to me that it’s ok to both dream and do.

I’m also using it as a kind of action-motivator for the upcoming BOOST 2021 course enrollments.
The fastest enrollee (at on 12.12. at 12:12 CET!) will get to choose one as a prize.

My reasons for choosing these items:

  • They were made (will be) in collaboration, different steps (will) have been taken by different people to let them ‘become’
  • Their purchase (by me, or by others) will support the artist/photographer Die Elster
  • They are both containers.. things can be put in them, transported, and used to help create more art
  • They both represent creativity, learning, freedom
  • The one who receives it will do so because of having taken a positive (I hope) for-them action
  • It will be the result of a choice. And it’s good to make choices, of any kind.
  • It can serve as a physical reminder of a digital-yet-still-real connection.
  • They are both blue. Have clouds. And light. And beauty. Good mojo/energy.
  • At the same time, they are practical And thus they will be, hopefully, used.

Deep, huh?

I didn’t think of all this when I came to the idea. But I like it nonetheless.

That being said, I am curious already to know which will be chosen.

A mug? Or a bag?
And who will it travel to?

To you? 🙂

Prize option 2 for the fastest BOOST 2021 Enrollee - A gorgeous mug
Prize option 2 for the fastest BOOST 2021 Enrollee – A gorgeous mug

Let me know if you happen to be thinking of joining my #BOOST2021 classes this January and why!

And, if you were the first to enroll.. what would you choose?

I’d be happy to welcome you.

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