Dance, Movement

Slowing Down


Hmm.. while those of you who know me, know, that I LOVE taking lightning fast action and high energy things..

I am also a very big fan of taking it.. slow. Especially in dance. In nature. In life.

We will see different landscapes when we change our pace.

Our perception sharpens, it opens up when we stand still.

It’s like looking out of the window from a moving train and seeing the landscape change as it flashes by.. versus stepping out of it, standing still, and taking in the space.

Or.. having a walk.

Moving still, but slowly.

I like both.

Movement. Stillness.

Energy and Calm.

Yin and yang.

And you?

For a bit of movement, quietly, enjoy this fantasy double fan veil piece from a few years ago.

Still one of my favourites.

Fanveils and Floorwork.

With music from the film ‘Hero’.

Belly Dance Fanveil Fusion Inspired by martial arts movies and chinese classical dance.

See my youtube for the full performance:

PS: For the fan veil lovers:


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