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Workout Adaptations

Here are some tips to adapt any work out to your level.

To get the MOST out of your workouts, you want to aim for the ‘Sweet Spot’ where you are feeling challenged by the exercise, but are still able to breathe, hold your posture and execute the movements with proper form.

Try these modification Tips

1. If you need a rest/break: Take it!

Breathe, keep good posture, move, stretch/relax a bit and then get back to the exercise. Better to take breaks and focus on good form than powering through and burning yourself out. You will – as a bonus – be practicing recovery itself AND working out MORE EFFICIENTLY if you give yourself long enough rests.

2. Less Reps, more Weight

When in doubt, always go for LESS repetitions with better form. For leveling up, try adding more weight (with less repetitions if needed) before adding more reps. This way you will keep on getting stronger without having to compromise your form.

3. Long lever = Heavier Load!

For bodyweight exercises as well as practicing with weights goes: The longer te lever, the heavier the load. In other words: Bring your knees/arms in to lighten the load, and extend your limbs (or add more weights) for an extra challenge

4. Slow down the Extensions.

Going super slow in the ‘reverse’ phase of a strength exercise will make you stronger FAST! An example: Go from push up position into laying all the way down on the floor, as slow as you possibly can. Then repeat. This will make your push ups magically easier the next workout.

5. Use you Hands/Arms.

Use your hands and arms smartly: Touch them down on the floor/bench to support your posture and/or lighten the load OR extend them up/front/out/overhead to make the exercise harder (see point 3.)

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6. Last but not least. Listen to your body.

You may feel stronger/more fit on certain days than others. Ebb and flow. This is completely normal. Follow the rhyhtm of your body, adapt as needed, don’t worry if you need to take a step (or two!) back every now and then.

You will notice you are less stressed, you‘ll recover faster, and eventually progress deeper when you’re feeling fresh for your next session than if you simply push through each work out mindlessly.

Remember why you are here.

Play the long game to get sustainable results.

It’s all a process. There IS no end point for your health.

It helps to remember.. You‘re doing this for you. 💕

That being said..

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