Movement, Strength

July Workout

This month‘s first strength/conditioning session – with bonus core exercises!


 Rope skipping

  • 300 regular jumps (2 x 150 jumps – with a breathing break in between)
  • 150 one-legged jumps (75 LR)
  • 50 high jumps (knees up)

Upper Body

  • Exercises for opening up the shoulders and strenghtening the upper back, taken from this online course by Stacey Nemour

Kettlebells & Abs

Swings & DLs


  • 20 situps with diagonal punches
  • 20 leg ‘pushes‘


  • 3 x TGU (8 KG LR)
  • 1 x TGU (5 KG LR)
  • 1 x TGU (with a shoe – try it!)


  • Shoulder, hamstring, quad and calf stretches (in between sets)
  • Stretches for shoulders, back, sides, hips, inner thighs, upper and lower legs (after workout, for about 30 min)

And you? What does your current workout routine look like?


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