Flexibility, Movement

Changing with Change

Soo.. I’ve finally gotten back into a rhythm working with Stacey Nemour‘s online flexibility courses.

I’m so glad they exist 🤗

As the world gets more rigid, we have to become more flexible..

This is what I wrote in my journal to keep me motivated, and so far it works.. it feels true.

Everything is connected.

I’ll be sharing my updates here in the coming weeks (go to tab ‘flexibility’ to find the full post series soon) 💛

PS: Use code ‘D4C’ for 10% off all Stacey’s online flexibility courses, course packs and straps at www.flexibilitymakeover.com

You’ll help to support a great cause via Dance4Children to boot, as a percentage of each purchase will be donated to D4C! 🤗💛✨

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