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October Flexibility Reboot

Unexpected flexibility progress.

Let’s dive into it, shall we?

So.. What have I been doing so far? (since last Friday, 23rd October):

1. I’m meditating more

Nothing too special, just laying down with a timer for 24 minutes, and letting my thoughts flow.

About 20 minutes in I invariably feel myself start to relax. Body and mind.

So it takes a bit of time. But I really have a different day when I do it.

-> You can do this with me if you like. I have a free video of me ‘doing nothing’ with my May online BOOST participants available for download here.

2. I’m working more with my feet

I have a little 5-minute foot movement routine that I have started doing a few times a week, just to keep my ankles strong and moveable for TaeKwonDo and ballet/pointe work!)

-> I’m cooking up a free(!) downloadable video excerpt from my ‘Balletic moves for BD’ DVD with a slightly longer version of my foot mobility routine. I’ll post it soon!

4. Re-adding Stacey Nemours flexibility courses

Trying to keep at it at least a few times a week (started last Friday)

I notice the biggest benefits overall when I do all 3 things in a row (meditate – feet – Stacey’s videos)

They seem to amplify the effects, so that’s what I’ll continue to do if at all possible.

I am mixing videos from all 3 of Stacey’s online course packs 😊

So far I did:

I haven’t been taking before/after pictures on the first 2 days, as it was already dark, so I plan to do at least one daytime session per week.

Below are the results of the ‘flexibility at any age’ session from yesterday (it doesn’t focus on splits, but I was curious and wanted to test them just in case)

What surprised me most was the difference in hamstring/lower back flexibility – I think this is the deepest I’ve ever been.


This particular course is about 1h20 minutes. So that’s the time difference between these pictures.

After seeing this, I’m feeling motivated to keep going.

I’ll be blogging my results here, as well as working my way through the courses from Stacey’s Martial Arts Flexibility Package in the coming weeks.

Try a sample of this course!

You can try a 15 minute excerpt of the course I did here  for a small donation (5€ or more) which will go in full to Dance4Children 

Get a discount for Stacey’s online courses and straps

PS: Use code ‘D4C’ for 10% off all Stacey’s full online flexibility courses, course packs and straps at www.flexibilitymakeover.com


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