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July Flexibility 1

Some before & after pictures of today‘s stretching session, taken while working with one of Stacey Nemour‘s online flexibility classes -> the one-hour session I describe in this post to be exact.

I noticed that the difference was subtle in some positions (like the front splits), but quite dramatic in others (eg bending to the front in side splits), which is interesting.

You can also see how working with Stacey‘s flexibility straps for the standing stretches helps me square out my positions a bit, plus it frees up my hands for balance.

I will be working with this course (as well as the one I describe here) once daily (hopefully!) for the coming week, so I can compare the ‘after’ results in next Friday’s flexibility post.

Note: if you’d like to work with Stacey’s courses, be sure to use code ‘khalidadance’ on checkout at www.flexibilitymakeover.com for 10% off all online classes, course packs and posture support/stretching straps!

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