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August Flexibility 1

Today’s flexibility practise.

Results of working with Stacey Nemour’s fantastic online stretching course package for dancers.

What I’ve noticed in the past few days, is that my hamstring stretches are becoming ‘twinge-free’ (a great feeling!) and that ballet movements in classe are starting to look (and feel) more like what in my mind is ‘actual ballet’.

I’m curious to see how this evolves in the next few weeks, and I’m looking forward to playing with my new range of movement in taekwondo class when the school re-opens after summer break.

Middle splits are still a bit slower to progress, but I’m able to lean forward in them more and more comfortably:

Kick positions and penché are coming along nicely – in these pics you see me working on them with Stacey’s stretching straps.

Arabesque practice with stretch strap:

What’s next?

In the coming 7 days I’ll be focusing on the courses from Stacey’s dance package that work on improving extensions (great article on this by Dance Magazine) let’s get that leg up!

What will you be working on this August?

PS: if you’d like to try our Staceys flexibility system – check out this post for a set of free(!) stretching tips videos.

If you’re interested in Stacey’s online courses and/or stretching and posture support straps (I heartily recommend them!) be sure to use code ‘khalidadance’ for 10% off everything at www.flexibilitymakeover.com !  ?✨????

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