Use what you have

This, of course, goes for everything in life. One of the exercises shown in the Nerd Fitness article I linked to in last week’s post features a rubber band. It is used to strengthen the extensors – so an anti-grip exercise, of sorts. This is great to do in the ‘rest’ between your training sets… Read More Use what you have

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Getting a Grip

Grip strength. What’s it for? Well, everything, apparently – as it translates into full body strength and overall health. It also relates to gentleness. Check out this great article by Nerd Fitness on improving grip strength, wrist mobility and hand flexibility. Interestingly, and partially relatedly, check out this Post by Bulletproof Musician on a simple grip-related trick… Read More Getting a Grip

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A Gentle Approach

It’s the strong hand, not the weak one, that must learn to be gentle. Today was a day for gentleness. In all things practise, instead of an ‘all or nothing’ approach, sometimes the best way forward is to take a small (or considerable!) step back. To go deeper instead. In strength training for instance, ‘off… Read More A Gentle Approach

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The Invisible Work

With any kind of progressive training, for strength or for other skills, it can be easy to forget that the magic really happens in between the practise sessions. And that the times where we struggle is where we learn/grow the most. The body (and mind) adapts after the training, to the stresses that the training… Read More The Invisible Work

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Resilience. One of my favourite expressions of (inner as well as outer) strength. According to the Oxford dictionary it has the following meanings: resilience /rɪˈzɪlɪəns/ noun The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. We all have it. This tree has it.… Read More Resilience

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The Mighty Kettlebell

This post is an ode to the Kettlebell, the portable iron gym. As posted yesterday, for the past year Pavel Tsatsouline’s excellent ‘Simple & Sinister’ Kettlebell workout book has been my go-to functional strength (and cardio!) workout method, combined with rope skipping. I was inspired to educate myself on Kettlebells after completing Monika Volkmars Dance Stronger program… Read More The Mighty Kettlebell

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Wearable Strength

Do you practise with ankle/wrist weights? If not (yet), I highly recommend it! I occasionally use very light (0,5kg) wrist weights for practising ballet port de bras (arm pathways) as well as for working on fluid arm and wrist movements in bellydance. I use them in the warmup of my streaming/ downloadable bellydance instructional DVD… Read More Wearable Strength