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Stacey Nemour’s Dance! Flexibility Makeover Power Pack – Part 13

This is part 13 of a series on Stacey Nemours  fantastic online flexibility course package for dancers.

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Stacey’s Dance! Flexibility Makeover Power Pack contains several courses.

I will be working with/posting about them in the following order:

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Course 13 – Secrets of Splits and Flexibility vol. 2


  • Module 1: Introduction 2:58
  • Module 2: Main video 56:45


Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced


  • Some clear wall space
  • A sturdy table, counter, sofa or door handle
  • Optional, but recommended: A set of ankle weights
  • Optional, but recommended: A Stacey stretching Strap (2 straps if you want to intensify the exercises) or a towel, yoga strap

Course type:

Digitalized instructional DVD


Stacey Nemour

What I like about it:

I like that this course is similar in structure and system to ‘Secrets of Splits & Flexibility vol.1’ (one of my favourites), but incorporates slightly different stretches and variations, so it complements the other video well.

I also like that this video is a bit longer, with a slightly slower pace for the exercises. It allows me to choose which of the volumes to work with depending on how much time I have, and which variations of the stretches my body feels like.

As with volume 1, I love that Stacey works with ankle weights for some of the leg work in this video, especially for the straddle conditioning, it really makes a difference.

What it does for me:

I love how this video is gentle, yet effective. It’s perfect for me to do before heading to martial arts class, as I feel it really opens up my range of motion for kicks and deeper stances, and strengthens/speeds up my leg work at the same time.

Effects after a few sessions:

I’m noticing since working with this video that my straddle splits are opening up (finally! I’ve struggled with them for the longest time) – and that my active leg flexibility and turnout are getting stronger.

My favourite exercise(s):

I especially like

  • As said above, I love the ankle weight drills for middle splits in this video as well as the ones in volume 1 – they feel safe, yet effective
  • The hip opener stretch Stacey demonstrates on the kitchen counter near the beginning of the video is my absolute favourite – I practice it on the back of our sofa (it has the ideal height for me, and feels super comfy to boot!) and it really helps to free up my range of motion for doing the floor stretches that follow.

If you have any questions about this specific course, or about the Dance! Flexibility Makeover pack in general, feel free to contact me via the comments below.

Happy stretching!

Next up: new series! Stacey Nemour’s Beginners Ultimate Flexibility Makeover Guide – Part 1

PS: If you have this course/DVD, too: Let me know what your favourite exercises are!

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